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ART AFRICA issue 07, March 2017, A Luta Continua

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The issue of the magazine that I have been invited to guest edit has been conceived of as an exorcism, breathing spirit back into matter through an interrogation of form and content. Black Americans, White Africans, European Arabs, indigenous and immigrant, all of us – whether from the continent or the ever-growing diaspora – are authentic and curious. African art, culture, and the fluidity of identity are rooted in the social, political, and spiritual communities of artists whose work opens our eyes to truths we are otherwise blind to see. The work of art exists at the intersection between flesh and spirit, between politics and identity, at the sharpest edge of the anvils of experience. “Politics, it goes without saying, is closely related to the social. The latter is to the former as the artist’s hand is to his mind… The [African] service will have been to contribute, with other peoples, to remaking the unit man and World: to binding the flesh to the spirit, man to his fellow, stone to God. In other words, to binding the real to the spiritual surreal – through man not as the centre, but as the point, the navel, of the World.” (Leopold Senghor)

– Kendell Geers, Guest Editor 

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